Hey everyone!

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Summer’s almost over, all the blockbuster movies are out, and JAB celebrated his 9 year anniversary last week. Happy Anniversary to him and his site. I hope he continues to have a great future.

For me, I’m just planning and laying out the final plans for Wrong House 9 and 10. Seems like a real chore to come up with all these endings.. but I’m sure fans of the comic will appreciate the work.

-All the pages of Walnuts 4 is sent to JuanMar Studios.

-A Pinup was sent to Nic Chapulis. Something for him to do for a while.

Mount Harass: Studies is pencilled and inked and now it’s picking the lucky colorist to work on it…

-Julian Cuello is now working on Wrong House 8.

This week I plan to get another page of GI Hoe  done(and sending pages to Alex) and finish pencilling My Horny Bronies.  Also I’m planning a short illustrated comic,  My Bigfoot with Enigmawing to help promote our site at the AVN expo. And I still need to get some holiday pinups done before it gets late…

That’s it from me. I’ll talk to you guys soon. Email me any request you want for next year. It won’t be guaranteed but I’ll take it into consideration.

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