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Added Page 04 of The Dark Cock Rises to the Quickies Gallery

Added Cover of Spydersperm to the Quickies Gallery


Hey everyone, -Not much was done this week. Just had to finish some private things I’ve been promising certain people. Outside that, I’m currently working on the christmas projects. -Walnuts 4 is done and is now ready for release in September. – Shelly Soneja turned in another page. DigitalCAPs now has the first 10 pages […]

Added a Xena Pinup to the Comix-Media Parody Gallery

Added Page 1 of Happy Anniversary 4 to the Holiday Comix Gallery

Added Page 03 of The Dark Cock Rises to the Quickies Gallery


–Shia Labeouf in real sex scene by Nelson Ayala,  Actor Shia Labeouf will be in the buff next month when he reports for work on the set of acclaimed international filmmaker Lars von Trier controversial new film “The Nymphomaniac.” The psycho-sexual drama follows a woman’s (Charlotte Gainsbourg) erotic life from youth to age 50 as […]

Added Page 82 of The Great Scott Saga 4

Commission references

Just in case you’re wondering, no I’m not taking commissions. How I get suckered into doing some side work is beyond me. Anyways, I’m using this time to just post some references so I can see them while I’m away from my office.    


Hey everyone! -So this week we got all the first part of My Big Foot done. It’ll be sent to Enigmawing to color soon. -Another page of GI Hoe is pencilled. -Grafeletter has the pages of Walnuts 4. -2 holiday pinups are inked. -Misterioso now has the pages of Family Pie 2. -Moose will be […]

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