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Added a Halloween Pinup to the Comix-Strip Parody Gallery

Hurricane Sandy

For those living in the States effected by Hurricane Sandy, my thoughts and prayers go out to you. A donation was made to the American Red Cross with the designation to Disaster Relief. I’m hoping that it’ll go to aid in the recovery from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy (I can never tell).

Added a Halloween Pinup to the Sketches Gallery


-So it looks like Fabs of Legiocomix has decided to close Legiocomix and move to a new network. As an owner and part of this network, what he said is pretty honest and some of that I do agree with. However, there are plenty I disagree with. With that said, I’m sorry Fabs is no […]

Added Page 92 of The Great Scott Saga 4

Added Page 02 of MoneyMaker 11 to the MoneyMaker Gallery

Added Page 05 of Walnuts 4 to the Quickies Gallery


So this week’s news.. Lots of Parties!!! -By Nelson Ayala, Porn star and “Game of Thrones” season two recurring Sahara Knite is set to video chat with fans on’s new Celebrity Event, streaming at 4 p.m. on Wednesday. Oh wait, that’s today… – By,  Brandy Aniston is headed to Orlando with Brazzers to host the […]

Added Page 02 of Spydersperm to the Quickies Gallery


Hey everyone, If you ever wonder if we’re productive during the fall/winter season, the answer is no. The shorter days have a strange effect on me for some reason and I go from doing 10 pages a week to 1 page a week (2 if I really try). And while the holidays means.. no one […]

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