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Cover previews for Spydersperm 2 and Family Pie 3


Thank you for everyone’s patience at this time. Updates are updating again and business will run as usual. The business infrastructure and its leadership is going to change over the coming weeks so please bare with us in this journey. This week we will update some sketches to go along with this week’s updates. There […]

No further update for this week.

To honor the passing of our friend and Webmaster; Kevin, we will put a hold on updating this week. I apologize for the situation and we hope to return to our normal business soon.

Sad News

I just got some sad news that our webmaster has passed away while vacationing in Thailand. He’s been a great friend and partner to me as well as to the family he created here with the Xposh network. I’m still in shock over it.  Much of the details are still unknown to me but I’m […]


Hey everyone, Summer is coming and there’s so much to do before that comes. –Archee 5 is done and is ready for its release this week. –My Horny Bronies and International Moneymaker 6 have been sent to DigitalCAPs. -Sharpie has finished 5 pages of the Great Scott Saga reboot. -Shelly has finished 6 of the […]


Hey everyone. – 2 holiday pinups are ink. Vasco now has the pages. – Shelly has a miscellaneous pinup to work on. – Cover for Dangerwoman 2 is inked. Moose will get it soon. This week, I’ll be getting Transfuckers: Animated ready and start work on the RPG comic. I also should have time to […]


Hey everyone, yup! Another week of updates. so here’s what’s been going on. – one page of an untitled fantasy comic is pencilled. We’ll have a preview of it soon. – moose is done with Star Trexxx. It’ll be sent to digitalcaps soon. – one page of My Big Foot is pencilled. – two miscellaneous pinups […]


Hey guys! Hope Valentines was great for everyone. – 5 pages of Mount Harass: Homework is pencilled. – cover for untitled RPG comic is pencilled. – Moose is now coloring Star Trexxx. -Misterioso is now coloring Archee 5. – Shelly finished the covers for Mount Harass: Studies and Mount Harass 3. – Americock Dad is […]


Hey guys, Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing everyone much luck and prosperity for the year of the snake. So what have we been up to? – GI HOE is done and is now ready for release in March. – Lineart for Star Trexxx is done. It’ll be sent to Moose soon. – Shelly is done […]


Hey guys, Well the Expo is over and I haven’t heard from my webmaster since he left to go there. I hope he’s okay and not.. in jail or drunk in the desert or something. JAB tweeted a pic of  Marie Claude holding a sketch of herself. Check it out. As for me.. All the […]

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