February 2012 Newsletter

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Between Jerry fantasizing about his sexy teacher Ms. Redanbopper and Willy hoping to impress his school crush Vicky, it seems their mutual friend Brenda is caught in the middle having to lie for them both to further their causes. But Brenda has other plans for her two male virgin friends that they're all too happy to agree with..


Distressed that Pieter is back with his cardboard girlfriend, Loiz confides in Quagger, who uses the opportunity to seduce his best friend's wife. Seeing all this can't help but bother Bryan who still has feelings for Loiz, but he seems to have his hands full himself..

Issue 5

Misty's ready to give up all hope of passing the Professor's class after receiving an F on her last exam until her classmate Irma makes mention of the "deal" she had with him. Quickly seduced by the Professor and his roaming hands, Misty's soon on her way to receiving a solid A and them some..

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