April 2009 Newsletter

We're kicking off spring with several hot new comics at JKRcomix.com!

Irene Insurance: Click, View, Fap. It's as easy as that. Irene will do anything to sell you insurance. Find out what her new customer wants her to do in this latest comix parody.

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After slaying the Nemean Lion, Garrett and Monicka still hunger for more action. Find out what they intend to do about it in this latest comix parody.



Our newest Moneymaker goes by the name Sara Palen. She's a politician who recently lost her bid as Vice President. With her career shot to hell, she's in desperate need of money. But will she do President Barat O'Bammer for it?



College Football Star Buck takes his three girlfriends on a romantic weekend getaway to Mount Harass. Determined to have his first foursome with the girls, Buck must overcome all the intense drama, jealousy, and outrageous hijinks that is thrown at him.


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