April 2010 Newsletter

Kick off this spring with a whole set of new exclusive comics and galleries from JKRcomix.com!


Gillygan goes to gather bananas with MaryLou, but MaryLou is craving only one particular banana. Little does she know there’s a peeping tom that also wants in on the action.



Comicbook store owner Barry Davidson has never been a lady's man. That is until he discovers a naked super-powered girl passed out in his own store. Barry saves her from a fiery super villain known as P Girl and takes her to his home where he tries to fight his sexual urges towards the young super powered blonde.



Teepha decides it’s time to give her virginity to Kloud, and when they‘re finally alone, she seduces him into it.



Amber is a young jaded skater chick offered 5 grand to have sex with a midget skater on camera. See what lengths this girl and others will go through for easy money in our hot Money Maker series.


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