April 2011 Newsletter

Spring Fever's warming up with a hot collection of sequels to several of our popular parody comics. Check out our latest set of sexy exclusive comics and galleries from JKRcomix.com...


The island crew is introduced to Kiki, whom is discovered to have been dropped off on the island by her people as a rite of passage to adulthood. As the Skipper and Mr Horney escort Kiki away with their own devious plans, Ginjer finally offers up her hot box to Gillygan's eager mouth. But little do they know they've had company the whole time taking liberties with Gillygan's massive manhood..


Mork has a massive crush on Mindy and just as she's trying to let him down gently, a space monster steals her away into the darkness of outerspace. Mork and Mongo and his crew try to chase after her, but find themselves flung onto a strange nearby planet. As Maggie tries to ease the tension in Mongo, they soon find out they're not alone..


Lucy finds out her husband Shrolder has been cheating on her. As a result she takes out her pain by reliving the past.. fucking Charley Brown. But afterwards Charley learns of a long time secret she's been keeping from him all these years..


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