April 2012 Newsletter

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Abbey and the Hanners are both after the same ancient relic.. one that feeds on sexual energy and produces mind controlling powers. Upon grabbing hold of the relic, Abbey is surprised by the evil Donald Conroy who takes matters into his own hands..


Still confused between seeing the sexy red head or going on a date with Peppercorn Patty, Charley Brown seeks Spyke for enlightenment. After a trippy episode with Spyke he finds comfort in a trusted partner who may finally offer him an answer to his problems.

But I'm NOT a Lesbian

Pop star sensation Ann Taylor Sweet is offered 5 grand for each of her charities in exchange for fucking her biggest fan. The catch is her fan's a girl and Taylor claims she's no lesbian. We'll see if she's willing to go the extra mile for her biggest fan and her charities.

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