May 2013 Newsletter

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The GI Hoe team goes on a dangerous mission to stop one of Kobra's maniacal plots, but after accomplishing their task Duke is injured. Scarlett refuses to abandon her comrade. Starting with taking his cock in her mouth, she uses all of her skill and training to help him recover. Duke regains his strength with the aid of Scarlett's red hot pussy and the two fuck like crazy, making their way out of the burning wreckage of the Kobra base.

After seeing Loiz cheating, Meg is inspired to try to copy her actions. She convinces Chris to let her perform oral sex on him. Unfortunately, Meg has absolutely no idea what she is doing. So, when Loiz catches Meg giving Chris a blowjob, she resolves to show her the right way to suck a cock. The demonstration quickly escalates until Chris finds himself in a threeway with Meg and Loiz.

Stam Smyth is determined to make Steve a man and the first step is making sure he loses his virginity the Smyth family way. Stam was able to take care of this problem himself for Hailey. But, since he cannot do so for Steve, it is up to Francine to accomplish the task. Both Francine and Steve soon find that they really enjoy honoring the Smyth family tradition.

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