August 2011 Newsletter

To celebrate our 3rd Anniversary we've released a short but sexy "Happy Anniversary 3" comic. Along with this check out some of our other hot exclusive comics and galleries only from

First Date : Part 2

Buck is over at Wendy's sorority house fucking the shit out of her when they're interrupted by her sorority sisters wanting to join in on the fun. After a morning blow job, Clara shows up to take Buck home, but they're soon met by Raylene who hasn't heard from Buck since their last fuck..

Issue 2

Archee's out banging Cheryl behind Pap's store for the umpteenth time and unwittingly agrees to go to the dance with her. But not wanting to upset the other girls that he has already promised to the dance, he hatches a devious plan..

Issue 4

Professor Ness is back at it again! This time he's been invited over by a mother to help tutor her daughter Irma to pass her next exam. Only Irma knows all about the Professor's 'sex for grade scheme' and wants in on it. Irma's mom is busy entertaining guests while the Professor deflowers her young daughter behind the backyard bushes.


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