November 2009 Newsletter

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Quickies presents the continuing adventures of Kym Pregnable. After losing her virginity in the janitor's closet, Kym and Roy decide to spend the rest of the night at Kym's house. Roy heads into the kitchen only to find a jealous and very drunk Bunny waiting for Roy to take her cherry. What will Kym do to stop Bunny from stealing Roy?


Emily's a young virgin college student working on her college midterm report in her bedroom when a 50 year old relative checks up on her. She offers her virgin flower to him even while her parents are just in the room next door!



..and blood shall be spilled this day. The big battle against Humpty Dumpty begins as The Big Bad Wolf attempts to save Goldilocks from Humpty's evil clutches.



It's 1935 and buxom beauty California Poon has been sent into the deep jungles of Brazil in search of the Rod of Hasapotochili. She comes upon the temple and the Golden Cock of Hasapotochili, but will her two horny native guides come in the way of her unlocking its great hidden treasures?


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