November 2012 Newsletter

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Latest Release:

Peter Porker goes home to find a horny White Cat in heat waiting for him to satisfy her sexual needs. Not one to refuse a buxom horny nymph ready and willing, Spyder Sperm gives her what she wants but soon thereafter his wife Mary Jane arrives home from work. With his Spydey senses tingling, Peter's able to avoid trouble just in the nick of time, but is he superhero enough to satisfy White Cat's primal urges along with his hot wife at the same time without her knowing??

Liberty Woman and her side kick Lightsource are captive by the evil Elephantman and Hippolyta. Their plan to extract the superheroines' powers are going as planned until a heroic attempt to fight back is made. But just when the girls think they've got their arch enemies on the ropes, a newly improved supervillain appears..

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