December 2008 Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of our JKRcomix Newsletter!

JKRcomix is home to the adult comics and parodies produced by me and my staff. Our goal is to create some fun, exciting and engaging adult comics that you will love for a long time. With your continued support, we will do our best to deliver original content and fun parodies on a regular basis.

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The God of Whores faces off with the Sleepless Dragon in order to save the Princess of the Utara. Will Greatos save the Princess? And if he does indeed save her, can he make her one of his whores?



In this twisted fairytale theme story, the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood have returned to Riding Hood's family home to restart their lives together. However, the Wicked Witch of the West has different plans for Little Red Riding Hood.



College Football Star Buck takes his three girlfriends on a romantic weekend getaway to Mount Harass. Determined to have his first foursome with the girls, Buck must overcome all the intense drama, jealousy, and outrageous hijinks that is thrown at him.


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