December 2010 Newsletter

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We're Girl Scouts. We'd Do It For Less

Anna and Sasha are two slutty girl scouts who show up at a stranger's house trying to sell their girl scout cookies. The stranger offers to buy up all their cookies if they'll fuck two hobos on film for our Money Maker series. The two young babes get their tiny twats stretched out and drenched full of sweaty dirty cum.

Going Down in Atlantis

California Poon and her assistant Cindy venture are diving for pearls off the African coast when they discover and underwater race of humanoids in Atlantis. They soon find out the men in this underwater race are only interested in one thing same as land walking males.. sex.


Andrea from our Money Maker series shows up at "the internet's" house to suck his cock as part of a bet with JKR for Spain winning the World Cup. Though "the internet" doesn't seem to show much interest, he still manages to pop one out while satisfying his hunger.


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