December 2011 Newsletter

Celebrate the holidays with us at with the proud release of our 50th comic.. Santa's HoHoHos! It's been a wild year of ups and downs for us, but incredibly we still managed to crank out 18 comics this year! With your loyal support we hope to continue delivering a growing variety of fresh new comics for your pleasure and enjoyment.


Santa returns to the North Pole, exhausted from delivering gifts all over the world. Mrs Claus is there to greet him, but is bitching at him to make her a diamond. Overhearing this rude and unfair treatment, 3 sexy elves decide to give back to poor old St Nick in appreciation for all his hard work.

Issue 3

After having taken Kym and Bunny's virginity, Roy is stopped by Yuri.. who also wants him to deflower her. Meanwhile on her way to the bathroom Kym is stopped by her best friend Monik, who's craving Kym's sweet pussy..


Mrs Hamilton and her husband have just moved into a beautiful mansion in a quiet secluded place. During their move in, she notices a strange plaque on the wall and decides to trash it outside. Little does she know, the plaque serves as an ancient gatekeeper that seals evil horny demons from crossing into their world.

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